As an inhabitant I am interested to give every city the possibility to be Tibahni because I know that Tibahni is everywhere.

Tibahni has bridges, Tibahni has a river, Tibahni has a town hall, Tibahni has
this weird statue with the guy on the horse. Tibahni has this one important tower, Tibahni has this shopping street for very expensive stuff where mostly tourists go.

Tibahni has a train station, Tibahni has some kind of castle or palace, Tibahni has this one street where all the hipsters live and where everyone says: „It's really gentrified“.

Tibahni has this one place that is a bit outside that is not yet quite as gentrified yet, maybe it is even on the backside of the train station.

Tibahni is every city and every city can be Tibahni and as an inhabitant I want Tibahni to become more manifested in every city.

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