I inhabit Tibahni by being a Mover or a Sewer.

As a Mover I am the body of the mission. I have the capacity to move through physical space without limitations. My role is to receive the guidelines given to me by the Sewer.
Of course, I debate a lot with the Sewer about right decisions or wrong decisions.
There are no authorities in Tibahni but yourself.
As a Mover I am highly adaptable, fast moving and very good at communicating. As a Mover I really like action, I really like being in the here and now. As a Mover I move Tibahni closer to itself and move closer to other inhabitants of Tibahni by what I do.

As a Sewer I am the brain behind the mission. I have limited capacity to move in physical space yet I am responsible for extracting and transcribing the missions and guidelines given to me and communicating with the Mover in the best possible way.
Also, as a Sewer I really like to document stuff. I sew Tibahni together by the stories that come to my mind. As a Sewer I am a fast thinker, flexible, analytical.

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