bridges, not borders.
there is this kids' game you remember, where we had to whisper into each others' ears, carrying on the message from one to one to one.

back to the map is where I want to go
this game is the blueprint for our adventure of solidarity, where we show solidarity through a message.
it goes from sewer to mover to sewer to mover to sewer to mover to sewer to mover. several chains can run at once.
sewer, think about a message of solidarity about a cause that is important to you. inform a mover about it.
mover(s), bring the message of solidarity to a place in the city.
send the picture of it to another sewer. this other sewer posts the image online somewhere and with a fitting hashtag.
inform another mover about the hashtag and let them spread a fitting message in the city and send the picture of it to yet another sewer.
and so on - it would be nice to keep track of this movement for tibahnian historians.
I think I'll head to forum tibahnum