or are they?
well, it surely isn't 1989 anymore.
you know because you're in the internet most of day and not spreading sweat and breath all over the place.
nice and clean and sober.
workworkworkworkwork is a hit, still.
are you tracked yet? hope you go jogging.
stay healthy. stay at home.
welcome to 2020. and 2021.
this adventure
is a big adventure.
you can be as many sewers and movers as you like, alas, you will need at least one of each.
you can be in different places. every person will need internet where they are.
and speakers.
have you noticed how many abandoned places there are in tibahni?
sometimes schools, sometimes old amusement parks, sometimes whole blocks, sometimes shopfronts -
and nowadays, even the streets are so, so empty.
especially at night.
well, we have a custom of using them,
as we all have the right to move freely.
who hasn't been to a jitsi or zoom birthday party these days.
who hasn't heard of boiler rooms.
who doesn't miss the 80ies.
tibahni is now, tibahni is here.
and so are you.
be careful, be scared if you must, but don't forget your dreams and your courage.

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