Tales from Parks in Tibahni
Park I (with players present from 16:36 - 17:10)
* 4 people, very nice
* "actually really no car does anything or sees even the possibility to park" 16:50
* people are looking like "whaat are they doing??"
* titled as "well established" at 16:58
* equipped with a plants and books
* last checked and still standing at around 8 PM
Park II (with players present from 17:39 - 19:10)
* 5 people
* directly next to big street, is huge, almost 2 cars wide
* was already occupied by a shopping cart someone had put there
* cleaned ground, found table to leave
* "game is well balanced, feels very comfortable to sit here, the passengers all look at us while the cars don't" at 17:59
* 2 new players arrive, 2 old players leave
* drum playing in P4A at 18:32
* kioskperson asks us whether it was us that left the stuff there
* "would be great to have plants to seperate P4A from the street" at 18:51
so far, they have numbers, not names. while this feels weird, it would be even weirder to give the parks names in the aftermaths.
Park III (with players present from 19:40 - 20:17)
* 5 people
* next to a tree, material already present: chair
* fits into the road as other people are also unconsciously but elegantly spawning P4A next to kiosks
* People ride by and say "hey na?" and "cool idea!"
* table and carpet found in the street added to P4A 19:51
* we notice how the people from the cafe on the opposite side of the road watch us and think about art and try not to watch
* "now it looks like an office space. while you went to pee, you had found a telefax and a cushion" 20:09
* after leaving park, we watch three young people taking pictures of each other in the P4A
* last checked past midnight, still intact
Park IV (with players present from 20:25 - 21:52)
* 3 People
* on the way from P4A III, we had collected material, so we had to start instantly: an officechair, two wooden half-pallets (benches), an artifial log and a grille from a fridge (fireplace), a pictureframe, some art of wool, a baby fence. at 20:29.
* "oh, sagst du, da kommt ein Mensch mit Material, und schon schleifst du einen riesigen Teppich an, der leider verschimmelt ist"
* we get more material: vhs cassettes, flowers, a minitable, more wooden benches
* "du verbindest die verschiedenen Holzelemente, die wir auf der Strasse gefunden haben, mit einer Stoffschnur, und ich frage dich, ob du eine Rückenlehne baust, und du sagst: nönö, ich mache nur mehr Arbeit rein. - mehr Arbeit? - ja, damit wenn jemand kommt und das wegräumen will, die Person dann denkt: da hat jemand so viel Arbeit reingesteckt. - ah, sage ich, mehr Arbeit. und Knoten, sagst du, das müsstest du alles aufknoten." at 20:59
* park has great atmosphere: park infront of a park, quiet road, many passengers that don't like cars even though they own them: "die Menschen haben das positiv wahrgenommen, aber hatten nicht einmal die Initiative, mitzumachen, weil sie ja wissen, dass es so wird, das ist der natürliche Lauf der Dinge, dass die Autos weggehen" at 21:12
* Declaration written on a P4A: "this is public space. use the space that is yours. #park4all spawn parks everywhere." at 21:16
* still there two days later
Park V (with players present from 21:52 until they cold and went home around eleven)
* 3 people (later four), watching 2 people in Park IV
* on the opposite side of road of park IV, creating a parkneighbourhood
* next to a black SUV
* actually we just wanted to watch people interact with park IV, it felt very logical to do this from another park. so you collect 2 pallets for seats, you bring along some bricks for a table, you collect some flowers to put on. we finish the living room off with a magazine.
* "it feels a lot more safe, too, than sitting in a restaurant to sit in a P4A, because I can sit with my Household"
* you bring a beer and we start listening to music, we dance a bit.
* gone the next day
wir entwickeln also ein Punktesystem.
nicht, um gegen irgendwen anzutreten
sondern weil Punkte sammeln immer Spass macht, so für sich und zusammen.

gespawnte P4A (V)
Polizei fährt vorbei (II)
Parkplatzsuchende (XI)
Autos, die wegen einem P4A falsch parken (I)
Kommentare von Passant*innen:
(ausgenommen längere Gespräche.
abgesehen vom leicht schiefen Blick des Kioskbesitzers von Park II ausschliesslich positive Reaktionen)

* das sieht ja eher nach Einzug aus, haha
* hey ja, lieber Park als Cars
* find ich super
* sehr coole Aktion
* das ist aber interessant, was macht ihr hier?
* ich finde bei mir im Viertel nie einen Parkplatz. das ist sehr nervig. es sind zu viele Autos. wollt ihr die Aktion nicht auch mal bei uns machen?

things we noticed:

it was a lot easier than we thought.

being in the park was a lot of fun. it gave an interesting way to interact with people outside of the park.

you become faster and faster in spotting and spawning a park, finding material for your park, arranging it and inhabiting it. it's nice to see that also this is something to learn and train.