Movers and Sewers - all inhabitants of Tibahni alike - are very playful people,
that's why they like to have adventures, tasks and quests. As inhabitants of Tibahni this is what we do most of the day, there are no concepts such as work.
The moment I decide I want to do something with somebody else we go on a mission together and when the mission has ended, we can decide if we want to go on a new one together or if we associate freely with other people.

Every adventure we solve in Tiahani brings us closer to the city and one another.
The more adventures we accomplish, the more extended the map of Tibahni becomes,
until we have included each and every one of us and each city in the map of Tibahni.
Overcoming the concept of time and space as it is now.

Tibahni is a city without any borders.
Tibahni is every city and every city can be Tibahni -
and you can inhabit it by choice.

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