This is a game (no, it's not, it is totally not played in all the cities).

It is played in Tibahni, it is global. It is possible to play it even in coromona times. You can play it with friends and/or people that you don't know yet, online and/or physically in the place you are.

It is about adventures together, free association and inhabiting the cities, moving and sewing them and all of us together.

Create your passport, find your way on the map, meet other inhabitants of tibahni at the city square. Find out if you're a mover or a sewer.

Tibahni grows with every one of us - you can create your own adventures for and send them to [sysadmin_tibahni(a)].

listen to the narrative
land on the map
visit the town hall for your first adventure
also, there's a forum