Sewer needs:

* Creative materials of choice (for example: color pencils, paper, paint, markers, glue, old magazines, or something else you enjoy working with)
* something to take pictures with and send them to a fellow mover (for example: mobile phone with wi-fi or mobile data; scanner and computer with internet access)

To create a TRACE, a mover and a sewer join forces. They meet in the forum and decide on a time and day that they both have time to dedicate and means of communication during the adventure time.

You receive a description from a mover of a place where they choose to go to.The description is given of that mover feels, sees, hears, smells in the place where they are.

Using the given description you create the TRACE using your chosen creative materials and send a picture of it to your fellow mover.

After a while you receive a picture from the mover of the TRACE in that actual physical space that was described to you.

Nobody signs the artwork, because in Tibahni people prefer art to be a common ground, but you share this last picture of the TRACE in it's physical space on the forum for other tibahnians to see.

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