The mover packs:
* a smart phone with them that can take and receive photos
* some tape or string
* some money to print a photo

To create a TRACE, a mover and a sewer join forces. They meet in the forum and decide on a time and day that they both have time to dedicate and means of communication during the adventure time.

You choose a place in your city you want to portray and go there. When you reach the place describe it to your fellow sewer only using your senses. Tell them how it feels, what you hear, see, smell there.

Wait for the sewer to create a TRACE and send a photo of it to you.

Once you have a photo of the TRACE, go to a printing shop or another place where you can turn the digital photo into a physical form.

Using the tape or string, fix the photo in the space that you have described for the sewer. Take a picture of TRACE in place and send it to the sewer.

Nobody signs the artwork because in Tibahni people prefer art to be a common ground.

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