Welcome to tibahni!
As inhabitants of tibahni you are allowed to move freely in any city without limitation.
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Bonus Level
Tibahni is a city of many parks. Every empty square at the side of a street is a possible park to spawn.

In this adventure your gang is 1household+1 moving in the streets. Whenever you spot an empty parking lot, you move in there and hang out. You play together with other gangs and collect materials/ furniture to manifest the newly spawned park. In the city of many parks there are many materials to build.
→ Your goal is to avoid cars using the park to park.

Just take a step aside and spawn parks:
Use the space that is yours. Ignore the cars, do things. Furniture your park, set up a sign. Collect materials in the cities. If a car enters the park anyway, go find the next park to spawn.
→ The roles of the game:
the ping ensemble
the game
nice information
Movers spawn parks everywhere.

To spawn a park:
→ have or become a gang
→ have time to hang out

You might bring as well:
• portable furniture to manifest the park, e. g. plant, table, carpet, tent..
• a radio or a cellphone with bluetooth-box for communication and connection
• material to make signs from, oen, paper..
• things to do in a park, e. g. a card-game, a good conversation, snacks, a guitar
• a box to collect money to pay possible fees

→ Communicate with parks everywhere by join the ping ensemble:
• let others know about your park
• communicate with sewers to find more furniture

→ Don't forget to set up up a sign for your park latest when leaving ;)

Be aware of your surrounding covid19 regulations - the more gangs ("households") the more parks to spawn!

There is many #park4all ←invite!

To play the sewers role you can be on any computer or use a smartphone.
Your role:

→ have a telegram account
→ join the ping ensemble

• you interact with movers in all different parks via voice and text messages in the ping ensemble
• you spread radio aporee in the world wide web

• voice is public, text is private:
• all voice messages in this txlxgram group are streamed to radio aporee.
• all text message stays in the group

• find out about positions of mover gangs and newly spawned parks via text chat
• search for furniture and materials to give away in the areas around spawning parks
• if you find stuff to pick up, send this information via text to movers and organize that they can pick up the things

• spread radio aporee online where all voice messages will be broadcasted. spread the word.
Find out more about the ping ensemble and radio aporee [in german]
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Legal situation in germany
Park4All: let new parks spawn and let others know about it
When you spawn a park, you can start telling it's story through the indermediate bot of living history the ping ensemble - to inform other inhabitants of tibahni about the park. Join the telegram channel and send voicemessages to the radio:

The ping ensemble is a telegram channel with a bot transporting every voice message to the live stream of radioaporee. Text messages are not transported outside the group.

Ping ensemble is currently closed. Stay informed on the forum for the next play day!

Exchange communication between living beings in all dimensions, send voice messages to the radio, tell park stories.
view some past parks