For this game you'll need:
mobile phone with wi-fi or mobile data or a computer.

How to play:

Find a fellow mover on the forum and agree on how you'll communicate with each other. Find a safe communication channel that fits your needs (for example: Are you feeling safe exchanging phone numbers with each other? Email? Do you want to play only using Forum Tibahnum?)

Your fellow mover sets off on a 1 hour walk and sends you a photo every 1 minute, that contains no written language: no street names, no shop signs, no words, no numbers. What other indicators do we have in the city that tell of where we are? This is the challenge.

When you receive these photos, you can guess as much as you like where the mover is currently located. The mover may only respond by typing: WARM or COLD
until the seeker gets the location right.

The game continues until you guess the location write or until time runs out.

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